Microsoft and Sage will give more facilities to SMEs in Microsoft 365

Microsoft and Sage They are going to give more facilities to SMEs that use both Microsoft 365 and the products of the latter. To this end, they have launched several integrations, aimed above all at the accounting and human resources areas of these companies.

Both companies, which have had a collaboration agreement for some time, have confirmed that various Microsoft 365 servicesamong which is Teams, will be directly integrated into Sage products as well as the Sage Digital Network. In this way, Sage clients will not only be able to access all the data of their employees, and their finances, from a centralized hub. They will also be able to do so with various collaboration and productivity tools and services. As long as, of course, they have a subscription to certain Microsoft services.

The purpose of these new options is to avoid unnecessary problems and barriers to companies, for which Sage and Microsoft have collaborated to simplify several operational processes of great importance to companies.

Steve Hare, CEO of Sage, has pointed out that SMEs are moving more and more towards the digital world, but recognizes that connecting the tools they use is one of the main obstacles they have, and can hinder their success. Hare notes that “Microsoft products have long been our preferred choice for collaboration«, and meanwhile «Sage has taken care of the backoffice«.

The manager also points out that through the extension of his agreement, which highlights this new package of integrations, «we will simplify life for millions of SMEs, removing barriers and helping them achieve real productivity gains».

The company has pointed to the benefits of stronger integration of its products with those of Microsoft from a governance, security, and reliability perspective; It will give Sage customers greater visibility into their data, as well as giving them better access to identity management facilities.

For its part, Scott Guthrie, Vice President of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence at Microsofthas recalled that «SMEs play a vital role in the global economy. Bringing together Sage’s financial expertise with the power of the Microsoft Cloud, our agreement will deliver reliable, secure and scalable solutions that empower millions of SMEs around the world to be more productive, reduce costs and grow their business.«.

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