To counter the Samsung Z Flip, Huawei unsheathes its flip phone

Although one can lag behind on the subject of folding smartphones, Huawei has just confirmed the rumors surrounding its P50 Pocket, which will likely play in the same court as that of Samsung’s Z Flip clamshell.

For several days now, rumors have been linked around a possible folding smartphone imagined by Huawei. Known by the code name Mate V, then more recently by the surname Huawei p50 pocket After an officialization of the Chinese brand, the first Huawei flip smartphone should see the light of day on December 23, or in less than a week.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 tunes

The latest rumors are not fooling anyone, the P50 Pocket will play in the same court as the popular Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, at least on the design side. A few hours ago, Huawei also decided to lift part of the mystery, by teasing several images on the Weibo social network. With his textured back and central hinge, the doubt is no longer allowed, especially since it coincides with the first 3D renderings which had already leaked on the smartphone.

Huawei p50 pocket
© Huawei / Weibo

On the specs side, however, Huawei has not yet folded, and continues to play the mystery card. However, its belonging to the P50 range suggests a high-end technical sheet, which could for example integrate 8 to 12 GB of RAM, as well as a Snapdragon 888 processor. According to the leaker Rodent950, it could also be a Kirin 9000 SoC, already present on several high-end phones from the manufacturer. What to compete head-on with the Z Flip 3.

Finally on the photo side, we would find a triple circular module at the back, comprising a main sensor of at least 50 Mpx and an LED flash. A small additional screen on the back of the phone could also, as with Samsung’s clamshell model, allow the display of pop-up notifications in the closed position. See you next week to have the end of the story.

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