Microsoft is working on Outlook Lite for Android

One of the most important problems with low-end Android smartphones is that, having such limited resources, they can cause performance problems with certain applications. Microsoft knows this, and that’s why it’s working on Outlook Lite, a new version of the Redmond giant’s well-known email client that will be properly optimized to work properly on mobile devices have few resources.

The “Lite” badge has become a classic to refer to minor versions of applications that are usually designed to work well in modest configurations, although Google has been using the nickname “Go” to refer to the same thing. Without going any further, Android Go is precisely that, a refined and simplified version that consumes fewer resources than the standard version, and that has been working on low-end devices for some time.

The arrival of Outlook Lite is scheduled for this same month of July, although we still do not have a specific date, and we do not know its technical details either, so it is not clear what differences it will have compared to the standard version that has been available for Android for a while. In any case, we can expect significant performance improvements globally.

According to Microsoft, Outlook Lite will retain all the features and “benefits” of that email client, but will be smaller in size (will consume less space during installation), it will work more smoothly on modest terminals and will not cause problems on networks with low connection speeds. In short, it will be an interesting solution for users who not only have a low-end device, but also have a “modest” Internet connection.

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This application will be an ideal complement to any Android Go-based smartphone, as these are typically low-end in configuration and offer quite limited performance. The application will be totally free.

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