SMEs represent only 51.5% of exports in Spain

Exports are increasingly important in the Spanish economy. According to official figures, 26.99% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) last year came from the sale abroad. A percentage that translates into more than 325,000 million euros generated through trade outside our borders. However, SMEs, which represent up to 99.8% of the country’s business fabric, only account for 51.1% of sales abroad in Spain.

What is this trend due to? One of the main reasons is the lack of resources that these companies with less than 250 employees have, often more limited than large companies or multinationals. However, thanks to the digital transformation of the sector, these differences between companies are being bridged, as indicated by the Packlink platform.

A success story: the door of the tooth fairy

An example when it comes to breaking down these barriers is The Magic Door. This project, created by Gerard Molins and Magali Jorba in 2018, it has managed to establish itself in less than four years in five markets, and all this, with a very clear mission: “the happiness of all children”. After creating a small door in 2018 so that the tooth fairy could visit his daughters at home, acquaintances and family friends began to request the product, and from there it managed to sneak into thousands of homes throughout Europe.

“I designed for my daughters the tooth fairy door, so that they could enter the world of magic, with a personalized postcard to paint their little teeth. When other families found out about it, they loved the idea, so I started selling some models on Wallapop, then on Amazon, and today we are doubling our turnover every year and present in five markets”, says Gerard Molins, co-founder of La Puerta Mágica.

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A one-person project, created in the small Barcelona town of Sant Quirze del Valles, which has currently increased its product catalogue, adapting to the different partners of the tooth fairy in Europe, as is the case of the Tooth Fairy in the Anglo-Saxon world. A line of products that has been included in the Annual Guide to the most innovative toys, prepared by the Technological Institute of Children’s Products and Leisure (AIJU).

Packlink has been key in our growth, both nationally and internationally. Through a single click we can import all orders, select logistics operator, automatically generate labels, and all with a single monthly invoice and with prices that no operator can match. As it is a one-person project, this simplification of the logistics work has allowed me to develop new products and increase the number of distributors among decoration and toy stores in Europe”, concludes Gerard Molins.

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