Microsoft Teams improves chats management

Improving multitasking is one of the most important keys of any application focused on collaborative work, and productivity. Microsoft Teams is a platform that fully fits into this scenario, and therefore we are not surprised that the Redmond giant has announced a new function that simplifies the management of chats.

As many of our regular readers will know, chats are a very important part of Microsoft Teams. If you are one of those who have to cope with multiple conversations in private on a daily basis, and you are discouraged by the chaos that this could lead to, do not worry, thanks to this new function you will be able to open each new chat conversation in a totally separate window.

This represents a very important improvement because it simplifies and improves the management of different conversations. Having several conversations grouped together at the same point can make us make mistakes and end up crossing conversations. The consequences of this can be dire, especially if we end up sending sensitive information to a person who should not receive it.

If we want to activate this function, we just have to go to “More options”, which is located at the top of the Microsoft Teams application, and once there we go to «General» and we select the option «New Window», which is available in «Open new chat in». When opening a new chat, we will see how it automatically opens in a new window in Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams has also received other interesting improvements, such as a new user interface where search results are collected, it supports more than 800 emoji reactions in 3D, and it allows us to chat with ourselves. The latter is useful because we can use that chat itself as a mixed bag to store things of interest. Finally, it is also worth highlighting a new function that allows us delay delivery of a message to a specific time.

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