Barracuda Networks announces a new SASE platform

Barracuda Networks, the leading provider of cloud security solutions, recently announced what will be its new SASE platform, Barracuda Secure Edge. This expansion of its cloud-native SASE platform will streamline Secure SD-WAN, Firewall-as-a-Service, Zero Trust Network Access and Secure Web Gateway functionality, while also adding secure connectivity to industrial LoT devices.

This renewal, which arises for provide its partners with network security offer powerful, making hybrid and remote work easier to secure, includes new capabilities for hybrid deployment models and lloT environments. The platform upgrade incorporates secure data transfer, orchestration, asset management and anomaly detection in the new technological integrations.

The company understands this new SASE platform as a renewal of its previous practice. In this way, the vice president of engineering and network security products at Barracuda, Klaus Gehri, has made it known: “We have had SASE for a while, and for us it has been a journey of almost four years. In some places, the original SASE was somewhat patchy and can’t be redone quickly because it’s not something that can be built quickly. But we’ve added a couple of reinforcements in the last 15 months.”

The new Barracuda SecureEdge

Currently, migrations to the cloud, remote work and the need to be able to access from any place and at any time, make the recent SASE solution essential. The company understands this solution as a comprehensive security service, which includes prevention, detection, and attack surface response, as in the case of emails and network. The service creates layers of security around data and users.

The SASE platform offers customers layered network security, securing users, sites and their data through protection that combines the most traditional firewalls, web content filtering, SSL and SD WAN. The new SASE platform will lead to reduced costs and stronger levels of securitysince it reduces the number of systems to buy and the costs of internal and external support.

The company ensures that Barracuda SecureEdge will achieve improved security, and that is that risks of misconfigurations are minimized and interoperability issues that can occur between separate security systems. It also offers secure remote access, providing reliable access for any user to any application, and optimized access to the cloud and applications.

Klaus Gehri stated that “with this new SASE, you can send the device directly to a location, at the customer’s location”. He further added that “all the partner has to do, through the magic of SD-WAN, is turn it on. Everything is out of the box. The member can personalize it if he wishes, but he is not obliged to do so. SASE adapts to issues like skilled labor shortages, because for a service provider, cost is everything.”

For Barracuda’s vice president of network security engineering and products, this is an opportunity for partnersensuring that network security is one of the most important aspects to cover: “This is a great way to get up and running with very little complexity and overhead.”

CloudGen WAN

This SD-WAN service is part of the new Barracuda SASE platform. CloudGen WAN now offers Secure Connector virtual appliances and new hardened site appliances. These upgrades bring highly scalable Internet of Things connectivity, private services, and cloud-based security. To meet the requirements, the company has partnered with tech experts like FireMon, SkyBox, TTTech, and Nozomi.

“The expansion of Barracuda’s cloud-native SASE platform for IIoT environments and hybrid deployment models solves a number of common security, connectivity, and scalability challenges that businesses face in this era of digital transformation,” said Barracuda’s SVP of Barracuda Engineering, Tim Jefferson.

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