Microsoft Teams will be compatible with CarPlay

During the pandemic, one of the fastest growing applications to organize work and distance studies has been Microsoft Teams, an application that continues to add new functions to continue being an essential tool for millions of users and companies.

The Redmond-based company has announced that the app Microsoft Teams will be compatible with CarPlay which will allow users of this application to continue working and / or attending meetings even if they are in the vehicle and without the risk of suffering or causing an accident.

Obviously this function only enable audioOtherwise, it would be a source of distraction and a danger to road safety. This function will be available by the end of this month and will arrive, as usual, through an update of the application for iOS.

Thanks to this new function, users will be able to create new meetings or join calls that are already in progress or programmed, all through Siri commands without having to interact with the vehicle screen at any time.

This update won’t come alone

Along with this new update, Microsoft will add improvements to help those who work in hybrid environments, offering compatibility with cameras managed by artificial intelligence from companies such as Jabra, Poly and Yealink among others, offering intelligent functions such as people recognition, sound tracking, multiple video streams …

In addition, it will also be possible toAdd an application to a meeting and share it with the rest of the parties who will also be able to interact with the application, which expands the options for collaboration in real time.

In this sense, Apple’s solution goes through SharePlay, a feature that will unfortunately not be available with the release of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey.

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