Microsoft wants to end VLC: this is its new multimedia player

Most likely, our PC is plagued with all kinds of programs that we have installed in Windows over time. These cover all your own needs and most common software sectors, such as for example with multimedia playback. Here one of the greatest exponents in the form of a player for years is VLC, but Microsoft wants to change that trend with its new release.

It is not necessary to remember that only a few weeks ago the software giant began to deploy its new operating system, we refer to Windows 11. Among the many novelties that it offers us, we can highlight its renewed user interface. But that’s not all, since little by little and as the days go by we discover new functions, plus what is yet to come.

That is precisely what we want to focus on in these same lines, something that will affect many users used to playing multimedia content. We comment on all this because the users belonging to the firm’s insider program, are already testing the new Windows 11 media player.

What the new Windows 11 player offers us

The first thing we should know is that this software element we are talking about is starting to reach insider members little by little. Just a few hours ago Microsoft confirmed to them the beginning of the deployment of the new player on the Dev channel. How could it be otherwise, one of the main objectives of this new program is to offer us everything we need to listen to audio and watch multimedia content in Windows 11 in the best way.

In this way, the default multimedia player is in charge of showing us our local collections of music and videos. At the same time, special care has been taken with regard to the user interface so that it adapts perfectly to the appearance of Windows 11. In addition to the commented personal library that the application generates, we will be able to explore our contents to reproduce quickly. As is customary in this type of solution, we can also create and manage playlists In a simple way.

Another section that we should know is that, if our music collection is in Groove Music, these libraries and playlists will automatically migrate to the new program. Hence, we can deduce that this multimedia player will replace the aforementioned application Groove music in Windows 11.

How do you want this software to unseat others like VLC

It is more than likely that many users who finally migrate to the new operating system will choose to use this program that we are talking about. In this way, they could leave behind other third-party solutions that have been with us for many years, such as VLC. For example, thanks to its integration with the operating system, the player will automatically show us the content of our music and video folders and will be added to the library.

At the same time, we will have the possibility to specify the disk locations where to search for more content of this type. Likewise, the accessibility to the program has also been optimized with better compatibility with keyboard shortcuts and shortcut keys. Of course, we must bear in mind that we are facing a project in full development that in the future will reach the whole world. Hence, for example Microsoft warns about a problem that prevents playback from network locations. Insiders can also find faults when editing metadata albums, or when sorting library content. But little by little all this will be solved to meet Microsoft’s goal, to become the benchmark multimedia player in Windows 11.

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