Mindgram closes a round of seven million and lands in Spain

Mindgram lands in Spain after closing a seed round of seven million euros, the largest in the sector in Europe. This startup provides the comprehensive solution for companies that want to provide their team with holistic support for the emotional and mental well-beingin order to increase their resilience and boost their performance.

Founded in 2021 in Poland, Mindgram, which already has large clients such as Pfizer, DB Schenker, or Mary Kay, have chosen Spain as the first country in which to begin their international expansion. The startup plans to end the year with 50 professionals hired in our country and with offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

Mindgram offers a holistic solution employees and their families based on prevention, early intervention and psychotherapy with high-quality psychological and self-development support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users will also be able to access Nuna’s network of more than 600 licensed psychotherapists with various specialties. Languages ​​spoken by professionals include Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, English, French and Italian.

Its founder, Jakub Zieliński, has highlighted the value for companies of having a partner like Mindgram, «The well-being of the team is today a fundamental pillar for the development of any company. It is the new performance KPI. Given the mental illness we are facing in Europe and around the world, it is not enough to react to incidents. Prevention is the key to combat anxiety and create long-term committed teams. Caring for the emotions and well-being of employees not only creates a better work environment. It helps you build a clear value proposition, benefits your team’s productivity, reduces turnover, and ultimately supports company growth.”

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For his part, the head of Mindgram in Spain, Adrián Viñuales, has indicated that, “Mental health is no longer a taboo subject. Currently, in Spain, work stress causes almost 30% of sick leave, with an average of 83 days, and 24% of workers admit to taking tranquilizers on a regular basis. From the companies, we must provide our employees with the necessary help so that work is never one of their problems and provide them with access to medical professionals who can listen and help them”.

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The company has begun its international expansion after closing the largest seed round in its sector in Europe. This transaction has been underwritten by Credo Ventures as lead investor, PortofoLion, Nunatak Capital, Market One Capital and Pamoja Capital, as well as Angel investors. All are new investors except Market One Capital and Pamoja Capital.

The money obtained in the round will be used for the expansion into new markets and the development of the platform, including the implementation of the data-driven care strategy, in collaboration with Nunatak Capital. This VC led by a team of Data Scientists with extensive academic and business experience. Nunatak will support Mindgram in the areas of Big Data, Data Analytics & AI and assist in the implementation of Data-Driven Care – a fundamental strategy in Mindgram’s competitive advantage and differentiation.

This strategy includes various projects in the areas of wellness data monitoring, therapy automation, care recommendations, and digital phenotype analysis. “We see this area as our competitive advantage and differentiation from other players,” said Mindgram co-founder Jakub Zieliński.

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