Minecraft is officially coming to Chromebooks

With permission from Doom and its ability to run on virtually any type of device, Minecraft has stood out, for many years, for its great scope in terms of platforms. On the one hand, the fact that the original version of it was programmed in Java (and actually continues to be so today) already allowed it to automatically reach any system capable of running a Java virtual machine and that met the minimum requirements. . And, on the other hand, either directly by Mojang, or through a collaboration with third parties, its presence also quickly spread to smartphones, tablets and consoles.

I will not say, of course, that this is the main reason for its popularity, since it is clear that it is not, but in the same way it is also undeniable that its cross-platform spirit has contributed significantly to its successsince practically any user, regardless of the type of device they had, could immerse themselves in the game that has done the most to vindicate the pixel and anachronistic graphic designs, when doing so from a really wide and varied game proposal.

Today there has finally been the long-awaited release of Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales, the new update of the Mojang title that brings the long-awaited archeology mechanics, a new biome and another series of news that we will review soon. As has been the case with the latest versions, the update reaches the Java and Bedrock versions simultaneously, as well as Android and iOS, so that all players can start enjoying all these new features starting today.

Chrome logo animation on a Chromebook in Minecraft

The good news is that, in addition, new potential users are added, since Minecraft 1.20 also debuts on Chromebooks, expanding once again the already more than extensive scope of the title. The arrival of the Mojang title on the Google platform is not a surprise, since they already started a public beta phase last March, but since then there had been no more news about it, so the release date was a unknown until today.

The sale price of the version of Minecraft for ChromeOS is 19.99 euros, but something very interesting is that also includes the license for the Android version (yes, they are different versions). For their part, Chromebook users who have previously purchased the Android version will be able to get hold of this new version for a special price of 13 euros. And, yes, it is important to remember that, as they are different versions, it will not be possible to access the same games from both platforms.

Although Minecraft is not the most demanding title in the world in terms of its technical requirementsYes, it does have some minimums and some recommended ones so that the gaming experience is fluid. Thus, to avoid problems in this regard, Mojang recommends reviewing the requirements on this page before making the purchase. And it is that we must remember that many Chromebooks have really humble technical specifications (in return for their sensationally low prices).

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