Minecraft joins the Game Pass game catalog for PC

That Minecraft is one of my favorite games is known by practically anyone who has read me, and that Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang was one of Redmond’s smartest deals it is also beyond question. And it is that thanks to it, Microsoft can boast of being the owner of one of the most popular games in the history of video games, and that despite its years it is still fully valid and attracts a huge number of users every day.

Another great success of Microsoft is Xbox Game Pass, its subscription service in which, with a monthly fee, we can access a complete catalog of available titles (this varies in each game) for three platforms: Windows, Xbox and Xbox Cloud. Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform. Nobody would have imagined, ten years ago, that games would become a key element in business plans technology, and yet today it is an obvious reality.

Minecraft has been present in Xbox Game Pass since the launch of the service, although it is true that with an important limitation, and that is that only the version for Microsoft’s console had been added, not those for Windows. However, as we learned yesterday in Minecraft Live (which I will talk about in detail later) this is about to change, since Starting November 2, Xbox Game Pass users for PC will now be able to get Minecraft from their subscription.

You may be wondering at this point, but are we talking about Minecraft Java or Minecraft Bedrock? AND the good news is that we actually talked about both versions. Yes, instead of taking advantage of this movement to give more “hype” to the Bedrock version, which is what we could have expected, Microsoft has decided to add both to Xbox Game Pass for PC, so from now on, subscribing users The service will no longer have limitations to play with their friends, whether they play on one platform or another. Something that, in my opinion, is very welcome.

In my case, I have had a Minecraft Java license for many, many years, and because of my bad head, I did not get to use the promotion that allowed veteran users of it to obtain a free license for the Bedrock version. And this has meant that, on more than one occasion, I have considered purchasing it as well, especially since ray tracing support was added, something that I already tried at the time in the beta and that I found great. As of November 2, it seems to me that I will once again be exposed to temptation.

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