“Minimalist SME: how to earn more and live better”, new book by Lluís Soler

Do not extend the working day, produce more or grow. What is proposed in a new editorial launch is to work less to earn more and live better. “This reality is only 12 steps away”, assures the businessman Lluis Soler Gomis, co-founder and business director at SoftDoit, a software comparator and consulting firm that he launched 10 years ago with his partner Eduardo Salado. At one point in his business and professional career, Soler decided to rethink his SME so that his efforts would focus on what was most profitable, both for him and for his business.

In the book «Minimalist SME: how to earn more and live better«. The 12 steps for your business to grow and you to enjoy life, Lluís Soler Gomis takes us on a tour of the SMEs of the future, companies that will stop looking for growth for growth’s sake and will focus on their sustainability and that of the planet.

Highlighting the maxim of not living to work, but working to live is the objective of this book, in which the author follows the mantra of ‘less is more’ so that entrepreneurs and SMEs can achieve that the impact of their actions be seen in the management of their companies.

In this book there are tips to be more productive, orderly and cautious when running a business. The goal is one: to achieve business minimalism, a state that, as Soler Gomis teaches us, will allow us to combine entrepreneurial passion with a healthy and happy life. In 12 simple steps readers will be able to reach the goal.

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The first, even before reading the book, is the most difficult: encourage yourself to see the company with different eyes”, assures the author, who believes that once the reader is encouraged to give business minimalism a chance, there will be no going back.

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