Money Heist returns… to South Korea

La Casa de Papel is getting a remake, in Korea and with a Squid Game actor in the cast. Check out the first images from the Netflix series.

Money Heist has not finished turning Netflix audiences. After 5 seasons, not always successful, Alex Pina’s series has bowed out. A conclusion particularly awaited by fans of the first hour, who will now have to find a new production to binge from the comfort of their sofa. Good news, Netflix has a ready-made solution. A remake!

On Twitter, the platform has just unveiled the first images of the South Korean version, which already promises to be emulated internationally. Like the Spanish work, this new production will follow the adventures of a criminal genius who decides to bring together eight thieves to carry out the coup of the century: a hostage-taking at the Maison de la Monnaie.

We should thus find the same mechanics as in Money Heist, namely characters who borrow the name of several cities of the world, confrontations between the forces of order and these Robin Hoods of modern times, and a small dose of mystery which makes recipe. On the other hand, we can expect some differences, to stick to a new political context. The screenplay was written by Ryu Yong-jae. The screenwriter and creator has notably worked on Peninsula, Following Last Train to Busan.

On the casting side too, it will be necessary to count on new faces. Park Hae-Soo, who starred in Squid Game, will notably be part of it. He will camp in Berlin alongside Yoo Ji-tae (old boy) and Jeon Jong-seo (The Call). The two actors will respectively play The Professor and Tokyo. We can also discover all the characters and their interpreters at the end of the video shared on Twitter.

Surfing on the success of Squid Game?

Money Heist was already a hit for Netflix, but the Korean version might just break all records. Propelled by the popularity of Squid Game, the new original production of the red N has all the keys in hand to impose itself durably in its catalog. Unless weariness sets in among its users…

To discover Money Heist: South Korea, we will have to wait a little longer. Netflix has not yet given the launch date of the series, once again contenting itself with a simple “shortly”. It should be fixed later this year. By then, we will probably be entitled to a real trailer and more details on the plot.

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