Get an immediate 40% discount on the Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse

Can’t stand seeing your mouse cables anymore? Come and take advantage of this promotion on the Razer Viper Ultimate at Amazon.

While peripherals don’t really level up the console gamer, PC gamers are dependent on their PC peripherals. And to easily access the first places in the rankings, you will first have to change your setup and in particular your mouse. If the latter was bought at two francs and six cents a few years ago, it would be time to invest in state-of-the-art equipment. And that’s good because the Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse is currently on sale at Amazon at a price of €89.99 instead of €149.99, an immediate reduction of 40%!

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

A premium, wireless Razer Viper Ultimate

The first particularity of this Razer Viper Ultimate is its ability to operate wirelessly. This ability was once shunned by many competitive gamers due to an inappropriate latency to play. Nevertheless, things have changed enormously, and technologies have also evolved. It is therefore with indecent ease and dexterity that you will pulverize scores on your favorite video game. This dexterity will also come from the fact that there is no more wire, therefore more freedom of movement.

And to significantly improve the latency of this Viper Ultimate, Razer has designed switches on the left and right buttons that are much more sensitive compared to standard gaming mice. With an (extreme) sensitivity of 20,000 DPI, a small 360 degree turn can be made in a few nanometers. The opportunity to literally pulverize a crowd of enemies in a matter of seconds.

In short, with an excellent gaming mouse like the Razer Viper Ultimate, you will have no more excuses not to reach the top of the podium. And you can repeat the feat for 70 hours without any problem, or about ten hours a day. As a reminder, the Razer Viper Ultimate is currently on sale at Amazon for €89.99 instead of €149.99.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

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