“Monstrous”: This is how Vladimir Putin describes teaching children that they can change their gender

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, described as “monstrousTeach children that they can change gender and assured that they are forced to make a decision that “can ruin their lives”.

“It is a simply monstrous moment when children are pushed to believe from the beginning that a boy can easily become a girl, and vice versa. They are pushed to believe that they have an imposed option, “said the Russian president during his speech at the plenary session of the Valdai International Debate Club in Sochi.

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Vladimir Putin He pointed out that the child psychologists on whether children of a certain age are capable of making the decision to change gender: “Let’s call things by their name: this is close to a crime against humanity disguised with the name and under the banner of progress.”

Equal marriage in Russia

Last July the Kremlin rejected same-sex unions in Russia and ends any legislation on the subject, in addition to prohibiting the homoparental adoption and establishes “faith in God” as a value that will govern life in that country.

Just a day before rejecting the equality marriage, the European Court of Human Rights pointed out that Russia violates the European Convention on Human Rights by not legally recognizing the union between persons of the same sex, it points out International Amnesty (AI)

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“This landmark decision underscores that the Russian government is on the wrong side of history by supporting and promoting homophobia and depriving LGBTI people of their basic human rights. The Court expressly declared that the Russian State has the obligation to respect the human rights of couples homosexuals and guarantee their recognition in the law under conditions of equality, ”said Natalia Zviagina, director of the Office of Amnesty International in Moscow.

Besides denying marriage between people of the same sex and homoparental adoption, the “gay propaganda”Considered as discriminatory, adds AI.


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