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When Microsoft launches a new version of Windows, there are many users who quickly update their computers to start enjoying the new features that they include, something that SoftZone never recommends, especially if we use our computer to work, study or play, since , despite having passed a beta phase, it can present a large number of malfunctions, crashes, lack of compatibility with applications and much more.

This is the same with other operating systems, however, since Windows is the operating system with largest market share worldwide, the noise made by users with problems is much higher than if it were macOS or Windows. If we do not want to have problems when installing a new version of an operating system, especially when we are talking about Windows, it is advisable to wait at least 6 months, more than enough time for it to have matured.

If we use our computer to play, it is most likely that we will use Valve’s video game platform, Steam, a platform that every month invites several users to participate in a survey to collect data about the operating system that is used, the configuration of the equipment, the model of graphic card among others. This data is very valuable for video game developers as it allows them to focus the development of their titles on certain features so that it works on as many computers as possible.

Windows 11: the best way to enjoy Steam

The last survey that Valve conducted during the month of June is now available through Steam, a survey in which we can see how Windows 11 continues to make its way as an alternative to Windows 10 as operating system to play. From February to June, Windows 10 has lost 3 points, points that have gone to Windows 11. Currently, Windows 10 is present in 61.41% of users who use Steam, while Windows 11 is in 36 .94%

Windows 11 Steam

In third position is Windows 7 in its 64-bit version, with a market share of 1.20%. Taking into account that this operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is a matter of time before it disappears from this list. The same is true of Windows 8.1 64-bit, whose market share is just 0.25%. Windows 7 closes the classification with 0.08%.

This survey also offers us curious data about the configuration of the equipment, since, for the first time, the configuration of 32GB RAM it becomes the second most used option above 8 GB. If we talk about graphics cards, the most popular is still the NVIDIA GTX 1650followed by the RTX 3060. In third position is the GTX 1060.

intel follows dominating the market of the teams that use Steam with a share of 67.94%, followed by AMAD with 32.03%. The most used screen resolution is 1920×1080, followed by 2560×1440, which resolution is slightly increased compared to the previous survey and followed by 1366×768. If you want to know more information about this survey you can do it through this link.

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