Movie sagas with the highest grossing at the box office

That is why We bring you the 20 most successful franchises in the history of cinema, ordered from lowest to highest grossing at the box office, in dollars and at the precise moment of signing this article. That is to say, July 2022. After the days, the premieres and the collections, these amounts could vary, but we fear that there will be few sagas that change positions in a general way.

So now yes, we are going to meet the 20 highest-grossing franchises in history. Importantly, in the number of films of each franchise the amount appears, not only of already released productions, but also of those that are also in the process of reaching theaters, 3D re-releases, IMAX, as well as revenue from sales of DVD, Blu -Ray etc. (all amounts, in millions of dollars).

20 – The Hunger Games

The series of films starring Jeniffer Lawrence were a resounding success at the box office and proof of this is the enormous performance she has achieved with four of them because the fifth is yet to come. You know, The Hunger Games Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents that will tell us events prior to those of the first deliveries. The highest grossing The Hunger Games Catching Fire, with 864 million.

  • Total movies: 5
  • Total raised: $2,958,353,344

19 – Ice Age

This saga is one of the longest since it has been telling us since 2002 how some prehistoric animals lived in their swarming around a rather unruly planet Earth when it comes to natural catastrophes. And so much so that it is still active with new projects that not only reach theaters, but also streaming or television platforms. The highest grossing of all was Ice Age 3 Rise of the Dinosaurs with 886 million.

  • Total movies: 8
  • Total raised: $3,206,624,261

18 – Toy Story

Since in 1995 Pixar released the first toy storyfour deliveries have arrived plus the last of Lightyear and other revivals with 3D editions, etc. So it has given him enough to comfortably exceed 3,000 million dollars worldwide, although it could fall a little more thanks to the latest premiere starring Buzz. The highest grossing of all Toy Story 4 with 1,073 million.

  • Total movies: 7
  • Total raised: $3,243,561,810

17 – Twilight

Between 2008 and 2012, all the income from the five films was concentrated, plus the premiere in domestic formats of Twilight that, for those who do not remember them, caused a fever among the adolescents of those times. A success that boosted the popularity of Kristen Stewart. The highest-grossing film of all was Twilight Breaking down part 2 with 829 million.

  • Total movies: 6
  • Total raised: $3,317,470,739

16 – Shrek

In this case, movies are included. Shrek and those of Puss in Boots, which is a spin-off that Dreamworks released in 2011. Precisely, this year we will have the second part that will help those more than 3,500 million dollars to reach 4,000. We’ll see how it does at the box office. Of all, the most successful was Shrek 2 with 935 million.

  • Total movies: 9
  • Total raised: $3,545,629,858

15 – Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise already has two more installments planned for the years 2023 and 2024 that will join the six already in theaters. And the truth is that the figures achieved since the first of all was released in theaters in 1996 are not bad at all. It looks like it will comfortably exceed 4,000 million quietly but, for now, the one that has gotten the most has been Mission Impossible Fallout with 787 million.

  • Total movies: 8
  • Total raised: $3,577,423,206

14 – Despicable Me Gru

This saga is very topical since it has the latest deliveries in theaters: Minions The Origin of Gru, so in the coming weeks it is almost certain that it will exceed the border of 4,000 million. It is, of course, the most successful franchise achieved by Illumination. The first of Minions It was the one that has raised the most with 1,159 million worldwide.

  • Total movies: 6
  • Total raised: $3,932,874,535

13 – Pirates of the Caribbean

With the mess around Johnny Deep and his trial, the franchise has been frozen but, above all, because of Disney, who ran too quickly to cancel the actor. Now, given the interpreter’s refusal to be Jack Sparrow again, dark clouds hang over the saga… but you never know. For now, it has been frozen at 4,500 million dollars with Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest as the one that has raised the most: 1,066 million.

  • Total movies: 5
  • Total raised: $4,522,062,632

12 – Transformers

With a movie scheduled for 2023, Transformers The Awakening of the Beaststhe saga makes sure to continue on the right track at the box office, so it does not seem strange that it ends up reaching 5,000 million dollars. Transformers Dark of the Moon It is the one that has raised the most with 1,123 million.

  • Total movies: 9
  • Total raised: $4,846,579,018

11 – DC Extended Universe

Warner wants to emulate Marvel and that is why it has been launching and launching movies since 2011 with different luck. Now, with five in production (blue beetle, Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, batgirl Y Shazam! Fury of the Gods) hopes to take flight and overcome the barrier of… 6,000, 7,000? What is certain is that some have worked better than others, such as Aquaman, which is the only one that exceeded 1,100 million.

  • Total movies: 29
  • Total raised: $5,802,898,856

10 – Jurassic Park

Since 1993 they have been terrifying us with the idea that the dinosaurs are back on Earth with the mission to eat everyone who moves. And it seems that they have succeeded because they have captivated millions of viewers. Do you know which is the highest grossing of all? effectively Jurassic World with 1,669 million.

  • Total movies: 6
  • Total raised: $5,836,469,941

9 – The Lord of the Rings

Authentic mass phenomenon that somehow transformed the cinema into a show of countless hours of enjoyment in theaters. Prepare a new installment for 2024, The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim and for now the highest grossing of all was The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King with 1.12 billion worldwide.

  • Total movies: 7
  • Total raised: $5,845,321,407

8 – X Men

With the franchise already back home, at Disney (by Marvel), we will see what are the plans they have for her although for the moment, what Fox has done has served to raise a good amount, with Dead Pool 2 as the highest grossing of all with 769 million worldwide to date.

  • Total movies: 14
  • Total raised: $6,073,054,732

7 – Fast & Furious

When the first installment arrived, nobody thought that it was going to be the phenomenon that it has become, with some spin-off involved and that it has plans for 2023, when we will have Fast X. for now, Fast & Furious 7 still the highest grossing with 1,514 million dollars of collection.

  • Total movies: 11
  • Total raised: $6,612,191,848

6 – Batman

Since 1966 there have been many Batman movies, although it was Tim Burton’s in 1989 that accelerated the frequency of production of films for cinema, television, live action, cartoons, 3D, etc. And it is that only the bat man (and joker) is capable of agglutinating so much interest, not in vain is he one of the most versioned characters. The highest grossing film in the franchise? The Dark Knight Riseswith 1,082 million.

  • Total movies: 27
  • Total raised: $6,808,468,738

5 – James Bond

What to say about the dean of film franchises that premiered in 1963 and that already has 27 films behind him, although now they are looking for a new face for the character. The highest grossing film of all has been… sky fall with 1.11 billion worldwide. Does it seem weird to you?

  • Total movies: 27
  • Total raised: $7,880,393,492

4 – Spider-Man

Spider-man is one of the most versioned characters, although in terms of box office performance he has no equal. There are two productions planned for 2023 and 2024 and the highest grossing film of all, do you know which one it is? Well indeed, Spider-Man No Way Homewith more than 1,889 million dollars. A savage.

  • Total movies: 12
  • Total Raised: $8,254,904,894

3 – Harry Potter

With 11 films behind it and a couple of special releases (IMAX, etc.), the saga that unites Harry Potter with Fantastic Creatures is one of the most profitable in history, since is about to touch the 10,000 million collection. The film that has collected the most at the box office is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part IIwith 1,328 million in total worldwide.

  • Total movies: 13
  • Total raised: $9,594,324,006

2 – Star Wars

Despite the erratic path of the saga, it remains almost at the top, which gives an idea of ​​what they would have achieved if things had been done well. With 12 movies already released and three in the pipeline for the next few years (Star Wars Rogue Squadron and two untitled), for now the most successful has been Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakenswith more than 2,064 million.

  • Total movies: 15
  • Total raised: $10,318,326,428

1 – Marvel Cinematic Universe

We come to the undisputed leader who has been revolutionizing cinema since 2008, which has led to turning it into a monologue of superheroes and villains. With 30 already brand new and nine in production or about to arrive in the coming months, is the most prolific franchise of all time since it is close to exceeding 27,000 million. A savagery! The highest grossing movie of all, avengers endgame with 2,797 million… very close to Avatar.

  • Total movies: 39
  • Total raised: $26,610,996,930

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