Mozilla releases Firefox 116, an update that brings sidebar improvements

Firefox version 116 is now available with sidebar improvements for PC users and other new features. Here’s everything that changes with this update.

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Navigating your browser’s features should be as simple as possible, and this is exactly what Mozilla is trying to bring to its new version 116 of Firefox. The update is available now for Windows, Linux and macOS, Android and iOS users. However, not all versions of these operating systems are compatible.

Those still using macOS 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14 will continue to receive support through Firefox ESR, just like Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. Although they won’t receive Firefox 116.0, they can already update to Firefox 115.1 ESR, which also arrived today. It brings the same security fixes, but not the new features. Moreover, we already know when Mozilla will stop supporting Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

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Firefox is full of new features with version 116

Among the most notable changes in this new version is an improvement to the sidebar selector. The latter allows you to switch between the views of bookmarks, history and synchronized tabs in the sidebar and to move the sidebar to one side or the other of the browser window. Now it allows keyboard usersr perform these tasks more easily, with or without assistive technology, and without having to memorize keyboard shortcuts.

Version 116 also brings improvements to the picture-in-picture mode. As a reminder, this mode allows users to watch a video or display content in a small window while continuing to perform other tasks or activities on the main screen. From now on, volume slider is available in picture-in-picture displaywhich should make life easier for many users.

Mozilla also announces the ability to edit existing text annotations. As well as the possibility of copy a file using the clipboard and paste it into firefox. Finally, Raspberry Pi fans will be delighted to hear that Firefox 116 finally includes H.264 video decoding with hardware acceleration on the Raspberry Pi 4.

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