My imaginary friend: the first teaser trailer of the new anime film by Studio Ponoc is online

It is through the animation studio’s official YouTube channel that the first teaser trailer from The Imaginary (My imaginary friend), the new anime film directed by Ponoc study (Mary and the Flower of the Witch, Modest Heroes) based on the graphic novel of the same name by AF Harrold illustrated by Emily Gravett.

The first official teaser trailer for My Imaginary Friend

Yoshiyuki Momose, who directed the short film “Life Ain’t Gonna Lose“In the anthology of souls Modest Heroes by Studio Ponoc, as well as the film by Ni no Kuni and the short film of the Olympic Games “Tommorow’s Leaves”, directed the film. Yoshiaki Nishimura, producer of numerous Studio Ghibli films, as well as Studio Ponoc films Mary and the Witch’s Flower and Modest Heroes, has instead produced it.

Bloomsbury Publishing, which published AF Harrold’s original novel in 2001 (published in Italy by Mondadori and which you can find HERE), describes the volume as follows:

Rudger is Amanda Shuffleup’s imaginary friend. No one else can see Rudger, until the evil Mr. Bunting arrives at Amanda’s door. Mr. Bunting is an imaginary friend hunter. It is said that he even eats them. And now he’s found Rudger.
Soon Rudger is alone and runs for his imaginary life. He needs to find Amanda before Mr. Bunting takes him – and before Amanda forgets him making him vanish into thin air. But how can an unreal guy be alone in the real world?

Here’s the teaser trailer for My Imaginary Friend:

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