Netflix loses users and opts for the arrival of a new cheaper subscription plan… but with ads

Just a few months ago we were talking about the fact that, although it is still the most popular platform, Netflix continued to lose followers to other platforms playback of content on demand (VOD) such as Disney +, HBO Max, Apple TV or Amazon Prime. However, it seems that the company is going through an even worse streak, not only with the slowdown in the entry of new users, but with the first loss of subscribers in over a decade.

And it is that this first quarter of 2022 will become something historic in the company, after the last letter to its shareholders reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers worldwide compared to the already not very positive end of last year, even forecasting greater losses in the future than could reach up to 2 million subscribers lost for the second quarter of this year.

Thus, the main user exits seem to be concentrated around the constant announcements of Netflix price increases, so this upward estimate only leaves us with a rather worrying message for the imminent future. Although rumors now suggest that the company could change the direction of its latest statements to opt for the inclusion of advertising within its platform.

A confirmation that It comes to us from the mouth of Reed Hastings himself, co-founder of Netflixwho assures that the platform is currently studying the possibility of offering a cheaper subscription model but with ads. However, this option would still take some time to be available, pointing to an unspecified date “over the next year or two”.

«Those who have followed Netflix know that I I have always been against the complexity of advertising and in favor of the simplicity of a subscriptionHastings admitted,but I’m even more of a fan of giving consumers choiceand allow customers who want a lower option and tolerate ads to get it«.

Netflix stock market crash

However, Netflix shares have been experiencing a significant and continued decline since the publication of this news, so it would not be surprising if we see some type of strategy from the company in the near future.

Although at the moment it seems that the company’s current efforts are geared towards expanding its gaming platform service, having announced this week its partnership with the well-known board game “Exploding Kittens”, which will be adapted by the company in both mobile game format, as in an animated series.

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