Netflix New Releases (10-16/06)

Several movies and series enter the Netflix catalog every week so that subscribers to the streaming platform can have something new to watch. In order not to miss anything that is about to debut, it’s always good to keep an eye on the platform’s launches.

In the films, the highlight is “Parade of Hearts”, which shows the story of a woman being scared of dogs going through troubles when she meets a widowed man, who lives with his son and his furry best friend.

In the series, the title that draws attention is the “First death”, in which a vampire and a vampire hunter end up falling in love. Next, check out what are the Netflix releases for this week.


Netflix may change the release date of the titles listed below without notice.

Netflix releases: series

First Death (10/06)

A vampire and a vampire hunter end up falling in love and are ready to kill.

José Gourmand 2 (12/06)

José Comilão creates delicious recipes with his friends and magic.

Totoy Kids – Musical Series (12/06)

Series aimed at children teaches games.

Charlie’s Colored World – new seasons (13/06)

Charlie will use different ways to tell fun stories.

Iron Chef: In Search of a Legend (15/06)

Several chefs come together in a competition for the title of Iron Legend.

Maldives (15/06)

A young woman moves into a luxury condo to unravel a mystery.

God’s Favorite Idiot (6/15)

Clark is chosen by God to save the world and will need the help of his crush and friends.

When My Love Blooms (15/06)

A man and a woman who fell in love when they were young find each other again after 20 years.

Land of Illusions: Internet, Death and Lies (15/06)

Documentary shows the consequences of something that starts on the internet and ends up in the real world.

Love and Anarchy – Season 2 (16/06)

A married consultant and a computer technician start a game of seduction that could not happen.

Guardians of the Mansion of Terror (16/06)

Animation features two teenagers and a dog facing demons at an amusement park.

The World of Karma: Clips – Volume 2 (16/06)

Karma sings countless songs to amuse the children.

Netflix releases: movies

Amy Schumer Presents Parenting (6/11)

Amy Schumer makes several jokes about family life in this stand-up.

Pete Davidson With His Best Friends (13/06)

Pete Davidson jokes about free plane travel and even calls friends at this stand-up.

Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live (13/06)

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin celebrate women comedians in this stand-up.

Jennifer Lopez: Halftime (14/06)

Documentary shows Jennifer Lopez reflecting on her career and the pressure of living in the spotlight.

The Wrath of God (15/06)

Luciana asks a journalist for help to unravel the mystery of tragic losses in her life.

Centaur (15/06)

A motorcycle racer will accept to transport drugs to pay off the debt of the mother of his child.

Parade of Hearts (15/06)

Moving to Krakow to save her career, a woman with a fear of dogs meets a widowed man, who lives with his son and his furry best friend.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R: The Rose’s Promise (15/06)

Film tells the story of Mamoru Chiba’s childhood.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S: Movie (15/06)

The Sailor Warriors go to war with Princess Kaguya of the Snows.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Supers: The Black Hole of Dreams (15/06)

Sailor Moon and her friends battle an evil force that is capturing energy from children’s dreams.

Akado Suzunosuke: Kabuki Version (16/06)

Toma Ikuta faces her first role in the Kabuki project.

Collision (06/16)

A businessman and his wife will do anything to save their daughter from a crime boss.

Kabuki: On Stage with Toma Ikuta (16/06)

Documentary shows Toma Ikuta’s first steps in Kabuki theater alongside Matsuya Onoe.

Snoop Dogg: From Zoeira (16/06)

Snoop Dogg welcomes his friends for a night of music and stand-up.

Spontaneous (16/06)

Seeing friends get blown up, students decide to start enjoying life to the fullest.

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