Netflix under investigation in Russia after complaint of “gay propaganda”

Netflix faces a new controversy due to its content in Russia, since a complaint was filed in which they indicated that he had violated the law against the dissemination of “propaganda about non-traditional sex”Addressed to minors.

The complaint was filed with the Ministry of Interior by the commissioner for the protection of families, Olga Baranets, in it she indicates that the platform would have transmitted LGBT-themed series labeled 16+.

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The complaint was considered by the Department of Moscow of the Interior Ministry, reported this Wednesday, November 24, the Russian media Vedomosti quoted by the Reuters agency.

So far the streaming platform He has not given any statements in this regard, however, he could face a fine of up to 1 million rubles – the equivalent of just over 288 thousand Mexican pesos – if they determine that he violated said law.

What does the law say against “gay propaganda”?

In 2013 the Russian Duma approved, with a large number of votes in favor, the law against the dissemination of information on “non-traditional sexual relations” directed at minors on the homosexuality.

The European Court of Human Rights pointed out in 2017 that this law in Russia violates rights to freedom of expression and discriminate to the LGBT community, in addition to violating the rules of European treaties, explains Reuters.

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This year the government of Russia refused to regularize equal marriage, something that was considered a violation of article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which highlights the right to private and family life.

In 2020 while campaigning for constitutional amendments the President of Russia, Vladimir PutinHe affirmed that while he was in charge of the government, equal marriages would not be legalized.


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