Never place your router in this way or the WiFi will always go wrong

to have a good internet connectiona key factor is the router. Placing them correctly will make the Wi-Fi work better, but also avoid problems when connecting a device via cable. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about what you should avoid in order to make the connection work as well as possible. The objective is to achieve a good speed and not have cuts of any kind.

Errors when placing the router

If you make mistakes when it comes to locate a router, that will cause the connection to not work as you would like. You can have the best device out there, but if you don’t place it right, you’re not going to really take advantage of the hardware it has. You will not achieve maximum speed, nor will you be able to connect devices without cuts.

a covered area

The first failure is to put the router in a covered area. It is usual to place it on a piece of furniture, where it does not get in the way much, and we do not really look if there is something that could hinder the signal. For example, you should not put it between boxes and other objects that may prevent the signal from circulating correctly.

You should also avoid placing it in cornered areas, near large walls and walls. That can cause the signal to arrive weakened and you cannot connect normally. Avoid putting it near these places, since you will also be wasting coverage.

Close to other appliances

Another mistake that you should avoid when placing the router is placing it near other devices. This could generate interference. Especially those that work on the 2.4 GHz frequency are problematic. There are many that can do it, as are all those that use Bluetooth, such as Bluetooth speakers for example.

In addition, there is one appliance that is especially problematic: the microwave. It works on that 2.4 GHz frequency and if you put the router nearby you will notice that it loses a lot of signal due to interference.

Problems with Wi-Fi and headphones

Area where it receives heat

You should also not put the router near places where it gets hot. It’s not good for it to overheat. On the one hand, it will be detrimental to the operation, but it could also affect the useful life of the device. Heat can also cause long-term problems and should be avoided. This will cause the connection to work badly even if you connect by cable.

A common mistake is to put the router near a window where it receives direct sunlight, even if it is only a few hours a day. That’s going to make it overheat. But it can also happen if you put it near another device, such as a television, a video player, etc.

Too far from where you need it

Of course, you should not put the router too far from where you really need it. If you are going to connect mainly in one room, it is best to put the router near that room. It doesn’t necessarily have to be right there, but as close as possible for the best wireless network to work.

Do not put it in a place where you will not take advantage of the signal. That will cause poor speed to arrive, with poor quality and stability. Keep in mind that the location is very important if you are going to use home automation devices and you do not want problems.

Therefore, as you can see, it is important that you do not place the router in this way in your case. Take into account the advice we have given and you will make the wireless signal work better. The goal is to achieve good coverage throughout your home, although sometimes you may need to set up a Mesh system for better coverage.

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