New viral TikTok: why you should change the toilet paper in your hotel

The virals on TikTok are, as you know, a very temporary thing: they start to grow little by little, go through their peak and go down again so that in a matter of a couple of weeks, nobody remembers them. That does not mean that its impact is great enough for everyone to talk about it for days. And that is exactly what the latest fashion video on the platform has achieved: a recording that tells, neither more nor less, why you should change the roll of toilet paper as soon as you arrive at your hotel room. If you are a regular (or even occasional) traveler, this interests you.

TikTok virals

TikTok has become the platform par excellence for virals. It is true that we have other platforms such as Instagram or Twitter -of the latter we have already echoed certain tweets that sweep in a matter of hours-, but the Chinese social network has something that makes it easier than ever to convert content into something easily viralizable. Namely: its short format, the large community and its way of consuming, how easy it is to share it online …

It is not surprising, therefore, that many of the virals that have had the most impact this year come from said social network. Some are nice and precisely have their hook there; others pose challenges to which everyone joins – not always recommended, everything has to be said; and others simply discover a curiosity or reveal a secret that traps users.

Precisely the latter is what has happened to the latest viral that does not stop being shared right now on TikTok: a video in which a former hotel worker explains why we should change the toilet paper roll as soon as we walk through the door of our hotel room.

Confessions of a former hotel employee

Janessa Richard is the name of the protagonist of the video. This woman has been an employee of hotels and therefore knows all kinds of ins and outs related to these rooms. For this reason, he did not hesitate to record a few short videos on his TikTok account in which he told anecdotes and secrets, being one of them the one who is becoming the protagonist of more than one conversation. In it, Richard points out that everyone should change the toilet paper roll in their hotel bathroom when they arrive as it has probably been used before and is therefore not new.


Reply to @ brookeasf00 Idk why but the toilet paper thing really bothers me 🥴 #fyp #hotelsecrets #pregnant #pregnancy #momlife

♬ original sound – Janessa Richard

And it is that when the roll is started but still has enough quantity, the cleaning staff usually have the order of reuse it with the next customer who comes in, folding the end to make it look prettier and brand new – I’m sure you’ve come across one like that sometime. Obviously, this will not be the case in all hotels in the world, but it is a very common and widespread practice that is carried out in quite a few rooms in order not to waste so much paper (and money, of course), without everyone knowing.

More than one will think that it is silly and they will not care, but surely many others, more scrupulous, from now on prefer to change the roll when they arrive if they do not have guarantees that it is 100% unused. What “team” are you from?

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