Newskill Gungnyr Pro and Gungnyr TKL Pro: Ultimate Performance

with the keyboards Newskill Gunnyr Pro and Gunnyr TKL Pro, this Spanish company that has already accustomed us to a high level of excellence in its products, scales up its keyboard proposal with these two models that determine the company’s new top of the range. And looking at its technical specifications, we see a proposal in which we find an excellent balance between price and performance, with designs that adapt to various needs and preferences.

The difference between both models is that in the Newskill Gungnyr Pro we find a full-size keyboard, that is, with a numeric keyboard, while as its name indicates, in the Gungnyr TKL Pro we find the option TenKeyLess or 80%, that is, with full-size keys but in which the numeric keypad is dispensed with, an option that allows it to be reduced in size and that, for some users, is the favorite, since it allows the keyboard to be more centered without having to move the keyboard More to the right. Except for this difference, both share specifications.

The most remarkable thing is, without a doubt, that the Newskill Gungnyr Pro are optomechanical, that is to say, that the switches are mechanical, but the reading of the pulsation is optical. This technology provides greater speed, in addition to an improvement in durability, by reducing the wear of the mechanism responsible for detecting the pulsation. There are more and more voices suggesting that optomechanical technology is called to replace mechanics in the future of keyboards.

Thus, in the case of the Newskill Gungnyr Pro, the average life of the switches can reach, at least according to the manufacturer, one hundred million keystrokes. In addition, to this we must add that the switches can be quickly and easily replaced, since they adapt to the hot-swap model. This also causes the keyboard to allow an enormous level of customization, since we can choose different types of switch based on our needs and preferences. In the table below you can check the variety of options.

As for its more gaming profile, how could it be otherwise in the Newskill Gungnyr Pro and Gungnyr TKL Pro we find the complete system of macros that we already know from other devices of the company. Thanks to it, we will be able to create multiple profiles, between which we will be able to switch quickly, to always have the actions that we need. We will also find, of course, user-adjustable LED lighting.

To make their use even more comfortable, the keyboards also include a rindependent and magnetized wrist rest, which makes it quite comfortable to use for hours, and which also has customizable LED lighting. The Newskill Gungnyr Pro and Gungnyr TKL Pro keyboards equip the Gateron Red switches, but simultaneously with the launch of six different packs of switches, all of them fully compatible with hot-swap and, of course, optomechanical.

Newskill Gungnyr Pro and Gungnyr TKL Pro keyboards, as well as Gateron switch packs are now on sale on the Newskill website, priced at €109.95 for the Gungnyr Pro, €99.95 for the Gungnyr TKL pro and 12.95 euros for switch packs.

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