NFON AG presents Contact Center Hub, with Daktela technology

The European communications provider recently announced your strategic partnership in the field of cloud contact center solutions. The objective is to expand NFON’s product portfolio in the CCaaS field and significantly expand this business area. The new omnichannel contact center product “Contact Center Hub” will be the basis for it.

This product was presented for the first time at the Call & Contact Center Expo in London on November 16 and 17, 2021. With the Contact Center Hub, NFON AG will market a product in its main markets that offers communication functions. custom contact center for the target group at the enterprise level, and which can also be ideally scaled for small and medium-sized businesses. NFON plans to make the solution available to from the second quarter of 2022.

Klaus von Rottkay, CEO of NFON AG, explains: «European companies are under enormous pressure to continue digitizing in order to remain competitive, especially when it comes to business communications. The communication interface with the customer is the key factor for success. While larger companies are already one step ahead at times, many midsize companies are just beginning this important process. Through our partnership with Daktela, we offer European companies an exceptional technology solution. We have a strong partner in Daktela who bears the ‘Made in Europe’ seal of quality for our solutions ”.

Numerous studies show that digitizing customer interfaces is increasingly important for companies of all sizes. Therefore, there is a growing need for professional contact center solutions. but easy to use. The key criteria that Contact Center Hub fully meets are the possibility of contact through all communication channels (omnichannel communication), integration capacity, reliability and support.

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Richard Baar, CEO and Founder of Daktela, explains: «We started to focus on the contact center market at an early stage. This market has special characteristics, among which the high requirements for availability, support and a certain degree of adaptability stand out. With our product, we quickly become the leading supplier. We are now entering the next phase of our expansion together with NFON. ‘

The European CCaaS market

The CCaaS market in Europe represented around 27% of the total contact center market with 778 million dollars in 2020. Until 2027, it is expected an average growth rate of 17% per year. This corresponds to about $ 2.3 billion. Companies with 50 to 1,000 employees -the “Sweet spot” NFON – represent around 80% of the total CCaaS market in Europe.

Jan Forster, CMO of NFON AG: «Although the UCaaS market continues to develop rapidly, the new wave of disruption is approaching. Business communication is no longer just conventional communication in the form of phone calls, videos and meetings, but it will continue to develop throughout a company’s value chain. The strategic partnership between Daktela and NFON now gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the additional potential of the market in Europe. The integration in the processes and the contact with the client will be key for the development of the companies. We will include both aspects in our new portfolio structure.

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