Michael Keaton’s Batman in another DC movie

Michael Keaton has definitely taken a liking to playing Batman. According to Cinelinx, he is expected to join the cast of Batgirl on HBO Max.

The Flash, like Spider-Man: No Way Home, will explore temporality and alternative realities. Barry Allen’s first solo film should feature several versions of the Dark Knight, including one played by Michael Keaton. A return particularly awaited by the fans of the license, who had not seen him in the skin of Bruce Wayne since Batman: The Challenge in 1992.

While using his velocity to save his mother, in the past Barry Allen will find himself stuck in an alternate reality. Along the way, he will meet several incarnations of the Dark Knight, that of Ben Affleck and therefore that of Michael Keaton.

A new project on fire

Michael Keaton has obviously not said his last word. The actor is linked to another DCEU project, this time on HBO Max. According to Cinelinx, who got hold of a press release from Warner Bros., he’ll also be in the cast of Batgirl. What could be more normal after all.

Scheduled for 2022 on HBO Max, the film directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will follow the adventures of young Barbara Gordon, who must deal with her personal life and her responsibilities as a masked vigilante. It will be camped by Leslie Grace, who we could discover in the musical Where we come from. The young actress will give the answer to JK Simmons (Commissioner Gordon) and Brendan Fraser (Pyrovol). She will therefore also cross the path of Michael Keaton, who will undoubtedly be her mentor in the film.

No official release date yet

This new part of the DC license does not yet have an official release date. We know, however, that it should land on HBO Max next year. In France, we will probably have to wait a bit since the platform is not yet accessible. We can nevertheless hope that Warner Bros will give us more information in the coming months.

In any case, we will find Michael Keaton in The Flash the November 2, 2022.

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