Nmap is updated, the best port scanner is now better

What’s new in the latest version of Nmap 7.92

The most important improvement for users of Windows operating systems is the incorporation of Npcap 1.50, the program that is responsible for capturing packets on Windows systems and controlling their transmission. This new version has greatly improved since the Npcap version 1.00 which was the version we had in Nmap 7.91. Some of the most important improvements of the new version Npcap 1.50 is that now supports Windows 10 for ARM64 systemsTherefore, current x86 applications such as Nmap or WireShark will work perfectly without making any modifications, of course, this new version has also been used to correct some bugs that users of Windows 10 systems may have, in addition, now Npcap no longer excludes to “media” type adapters, so it would allow capture on some devices that were not available before, this also implies an improvement for WireShark if we use Npcap.

Many more devices with ARM architecture are expected in the coming months, so this new version Nmap 7.92 has specifically focused on improve performance and compatibility in these cases. Currently Microsoft Surface Pro X or Samsung Galaxy Book Go use ARM processors, and it is expected that soon with the release of Windows 11 manufacturers will continue to launch this type of device. Of course, Npcap 1.50 will perfectly support this new architecture.

Although the main changes have been to improve Nmap in Windows operating systems, Nmap 7.92 has not been forgotten by other users such as Linux. Now it has been incorporated TLS 1.3 protocol support, have also been added new NSE scripts with the aim of pentesting and exploiting vulnerabilities easily and quickly, thanks to the latest security flaws discovered on different servers. This new version also improves the payload of the UDP protocol, the support for the SMB2 protocol has been improved and even the output of reports in XML has been improved. Other features that have been incorporated are the update of OpenSSL to the latest version 1.1.1k and many bug fixes that were in the previous version.

We must not forget that Nmap has a graphical front-end to manage all the Nmap configuration options, thanks to Zenmap, we can use this tool without having to learn too many commands. Although in this graphical user interface we do not have all the functionalities through buttons, we will have a text box to execute an advanced Nmap command.

One of the most interesting parts of Nmap are the NSE scripts, thanks to NSE we have at our disposal a large number of scripts to perform pentesting tasks on the different computers, try to exploit known vulnerabilities for certain software versions, perform dictionary attacks and brute force to FTP, SSH, SMB servers and much more.

If you want to know all the changes we have in this new version of Nmap 7.92, we recommend visit the official website where you will find them explained in detail. We recommend you access the Nmap official download website where you will find all the links for downloading.

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