No Man’s Sky: Frontiers, new update available

It has been available for a few hours Frontiers, the new update of the video game No Man’s Sky, update released on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the launch of the space sandbox of Hello Games.

Towards which new intriguing ones borders Will this time, the 2016 action-adventure video game take us almost a year after the arrival of Origins? Let’s find out together.

The new update of No Man’s Sky: Frontiers is available

Maybe the sky will belong to no one, but surely the surface of the trillions of planets of No Man’s Sky is filled with new tenants thanks to the new Frontiers update. Thanks to this update, Hello Games introduces in its videogame some “cities”, large settlements for sentient beings, and gives players new possibilities of construction and management.

The update is focused on introducing these new game dynamics, thanks to which we will no longer feel alone as before. We will find many settlements already present on the planets and populated by many NPCs, thanks to the usual procedural generation; but we will also be able to create them ourselves, thanks to new dedicated construction possibilities.

Of course, with great powers comes great responsibilities. We will also have to deal with the management of the settlements, resolve disputes between their inhabitants and also defend them from the attacks of the sentries, always careful and ill disposed towards those who modify (or are just passing through) the environment of the many planets. Update 3.6 also introduces stellar nebulae, thus also changing the landscape once in orbit; finally, the effects such as explosions or destruction, very common in the farming of materials on planets or asteroids, have been improved.

The new Frontiers update of No Man’s Sky will be free for all owners of the game. It is currently only available for Steam users, but should follow “shortly” on all other platforms, as stated by the founder of Hello Games Sean Murray.

What do you think? Are you still playing and exploring the infinite universe of No Man’s Sky? Let us know with your comment below.

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