Node Js Advantages

Node.js is a modern platform for development, which interests many companies. In this article, we’ll look at Node.js advantages and offer a description of the platform. As you’ll see, it’s definitely worth your attention due to the flexibility of the framework. Those who hire a Node.js development company are likely to boost their apps. 

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a development platform based on JavaScript. Here are its key characteristics: 

1) It’s a runtime for the scripting language capable of running outside of the browsers. The main reason to use the platform is to promote full-stack development. JavaScript is usually a front-end language but with Node.js one can write a back-end in it too. This means a small group of developers can maintain the whole project;

2) Node.js appeared in 2009, being a project of Ryan Dahl. His goal was to push JavaScript toward more complex use. Dahl left the project later in his life and also became the creator of Deno, another vital JavaScript project. Node.js, however, continues to be his most popular creation;

3) Node.js offers asynchronous code launching: instead of loading every element one by one, Node.js can load several segments simultaneously. This framework allows presenting the smaller components of a website faster than the heavier ones. 

Key Benefits of using Node.js

Multiple reasons to use Node.js exist today. Firstly, a good reason to use the platform is its focus on JavaScript. This language is a benefit for Node.js because it’s easy to learn and maintain. Many people can learn this scripting platform fast despite having little experience. An experienced developer may find the maintenance of code in the framework even simpler. Secondly, the platform offers an opportunity for full-stack development, removing the reason to hire separate teams for back-end and front-end. With Node.js, you can have one team supported by outsourcing developers if they need some other languages. Thirdly, Node.js promotes asynchronous code that is perfect for web apps. You can launch the interface of a program faster than its main content with this platform. Lastly, it’s possible to download more than 1 million extensions from the NPM, Node Package Manager. Using the help of other users, you can create a project that fits specific needs.

Node.js famous apps

Node.js is the backbone of several famous apps. The first one is Netflix: when you watch Squid Game or some other hit show, Node.js is there to help you. Another business is LinkedIn, one of the largest platforms for searching for jobs. The company chose the platform for its asynchronous framework. In the end, many of our transactions also use Node.js. eBay and PayPal focus on the platform for some aspects of their business.

Wrapping up

All in all, this data indicates that Node.js is a platform that should be interesting to many businesses. Its main use cases include web applications such as social media or payment sites. If you want to learn more about the framework, contact the professionals. Specialists at KeenEthics can be very helpful in this regard:

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