Not everything is good; This is the worst thing for your PC or mobile to use VPN

Why a VPN can affect the PC or mobile

Everything will depend on whether you install a guaranteed VPN or, on the contrary, use one that can be a danger. This could make that device start to go very bad or have security and privacy issues. It is important whenever you check what you are installing. Preventing the VPN from getting disconnected is also key.

may have viruses

The first thing is that the VPN you are installing could have a virus. You could be putting malicious software on your computer or mobile phone without knowing it. This happens when you download the program from a third-party page that is not guaranteed. They could have used that bait to install some trojan and control the device.

To avoid this, something key is to always download programs from official sites. You can also count on a good antivirus to help you solve problems of this type. For example, Windows Defender or Avast are a good solution, although there are many more. Check whenever you are installing one of guarantees.

Device slows down

Another problem with installing a VPN on your computer or mobile is that you can slow down the device. It could cause the equipment to start going bad. After all, it is another program that you are going to have installed and if it is not well optimized, configured and works correctly, it could cause problems.

It is another point that you should take into account. If you want the device to work smoothly, without suffering any type of outage or problem, it is essential that you carefully review what programs you have installed and running. The VPN is going to be one of them and you should check that it goes without problems.

May affect other programs

In addition, the VPN could indirectly affect other apps. It could lead to incompatibility, malfunction of the browser, firewall, etc. It is important that you use one that is guaranteed and that you know that it will not negatively interfere in your day-to-day when browsing or using any other application.

Sometimes when you install a free VPN it may come with other software added. That could also make your computer work worse and affect other applications you have installed.

false sense of security

This point is important. Having a VPN installed does not mean that we are going to navigate with total security. In fact, we may have major problems. For example, a VPN does not protect you from downloading a file that is a virus or clicking on a link that is actually a Phishing attack.

It is true that it will improve your security and privacy on public networks, but you should not take it into account as if it were an antivirus. It’s a nice security plugin, but it doesn’t mean you’re already fully protected.

As you can see, a VPN is interesting but it can have problems for your computer and mobile. It is essential that you always use it correctly and use a good program to keep everything under control.

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