Not sure which SSD or RAM to buy? Crucial System Scanner Test

The choice of components for a PC right now is overwhelming. Frequencies, sizes, latencies, speeds and many parameters that everyday people do not understand and therefore do not know exactly what to buy when sitting in front of an online store. To simplify all these options, there is a very simple tool from a TOP brand in the PC market: Crucial System Scannerwhich will give us the information we want in just a couple of minutes.

Simplifying the choice as much as possible, that is the main task of this program that, without the need for any external click, will tell us what is best for our PC and, above all, what is compatible. The tool is so simple that it’s not even a program itself, it’s an HTML website that will scan our PC online in search of the best performance and compatibility options within the brand itself. Interesting, right? Well, let’s meet her.

How to use the Crucial System Scanner tool

We are going to explain what you must do to use this tool and what it is telling you. You should keep in mind that as it is a tool from an SSD and RAM manufacturer, it will recommend its products to you. Then, we can search for the products that interest us and fit what this tool tells us.

software download

First of all, we need to go to the Crucial website that has intended the brand for this System Scanner. Once inside we will see a checkbox that we will have to mark and after this click on “Start the free analysis”.

The next thing we will see is a downloaded file in .exe format that we will “install”. We put quotes because it is not an installation as such, it is an executable that sends us directly to a link in Crucial so that the company’s scanning system opens in our browser.

Said website will send us a message like the one below these lines and after just 1 minute what we will have is a result also online on said website.

Crucial System Scanner will tell us what motherboard model we have, assign us an ID, and also tell us if we have RAM and storage upgradessomething that is more than likely to happen if we do not have updated hardware on our PC.

Crucial Interpretation and Recommendations

The first thing we will see on the left is a score and a reference on whether it is good or bad. The indicator is pretty truthful for being so simple, so it’s not really off the mark and can be a real reference to keep in mind.

Crucial System Scanner (7)

Therefore, and if we continue to scroll down, what we will find are the recommendations for our motherboard as installation guides for RAM and SSD with their configurations as well as recommended modules and solid state drives.

As expected, Crucial System Scanner it prioritizes performance and capacity over other details such as heatsinks or RGB, so the options that it shows as recommended are the best in terms of compatibility so that it is just click and enjoy.

On the other hand, at the end of the results we have all the compatible updates for RAM, internal and external SSDs with our PC, where we already choose within the same parameters and to our personal taste, knowing that these are totally safe to install.

As we can see, it is a very useful and easy-to-use tool if we take into account that it is free and extremely fast.

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