Now WhatsApp lets you send reminders, links and photos to yourself: that’s how you do it

In fact, when we refer to this messaging platform, we are talking about what could be considered one of the most popular and used around the globe. That is precisely why its top managers do not stop working to improve and add new features to the platform. We tell you all this because at this moment an interesting function is beginning to be deployed that will surely be extremely useful to many of you.

It is something that has been talked about for a long time and is becoming a reality for a large part of WhatsApp users. Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of sending messages to yourself within the application itself. And we are not only talking about sending text notes, for example, since we can also send each other links and multimedia files such as photos, among other things. Undoubtedly, the utility that we can give to this new feature is very wide, for example, it can serve as a reminder.

In fact, we could affirm that this is a function that can be very useful in order to save information or share files with ourselves. It must be taken into account that this will be effective through all those devices that we have linked to our account of the messaging app. Well, we are telling you all this because those responsible for WhatsApp have begun to deploy this new function for everyone.

How to chat with yourself via WhatsApp

To give you a better idea of ​​the new feature, it allows us to send messages to ourselves. It is worth mentioning that all this is already available in the latest versions of Android and iOS. Of course, something that we must keep in mind is that the functionality is being deployed gradually. This means that it may take a few days to reach your mobile terminal.

In this way we will have the possibility of sending each other text messages to write down ideas or reminders through this platform. This is something that extends to any web link or even photo that we want to remember later. Considering that we use WhatsApp on multiple devices in a synchronized way, like the mobile and the PC, the function can also be used to share files between them. The truth is that for a long time there have been other similar platforms that allow you to carry out this type of task.

For example, Slack has long allowed us to send messages to ourselves, or Telegram allows us to save them for later. What’s more, here we can create a private channel for this type of personal task. Therefore, now it seems that WhatsApp has taken note of these by finally adding the new function. We achieve this by opening a new chat and before selecting a contact to send you a messagewe will see our own contact on the screen at the top of the list.

In fact, when opening this own chat, a legend appears that invites us to send a message to ourselves.

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