Now you can watch this famous Netflix documentary for free on Youtube

Open your eyes with social media

Although Facebook, TikTok, Instagram … may seem like harmless first platforms, the truth is that these services are perfectly designed to hook users, get their data and create addiction in people. This is how he denounces it The social media dilemma (The social dilemma, in English), a documentary that talks at length about the consequences of using these applications so much.

For an hour and a half, several experts and former employees of some of the large companies behind these networks point out the secrets and strategies that firms follow to create a dependence growing to your tools. And it is true that these digital platforms have become an indispensable element for many, with many advantages (such as the means of communication that it involves to connect people) but also with certain disadvantages that must be known.

In addition to crossing the limits of the Privacy, These networks turn users into mere products with which companies earn money at the expense of their data, not to mention the close relationship they have with the growing anxiety and depression patterns among the very young. The ease with which fake news spreads this way (up to 6 times faster than real news) is also a very dangerous factor to take into account.

An explosive cocktail that you have to know how to handle and manage properly, and of which it is better to know all its ins and outs (at least those that this documentary tells us) so as not to fall into its “traps”.

The free social media dilemma

If everything we are telling you interests you and you already knew this hearsay report, your time to see it and enjoy it has arrived. Netflix has decided to release this content on its own official YouTube channel and offer it for free to anyone who wants to see it, so you just have to give the play to the video that you will find below and prepare to watch it without blinking.

The video is in English (Netflix has uploaded it to its official US channel) so if you do not handle the language 100%, you can always activate the YouTube subtitles and make sure that you find out well about everything.

Do not rest on your laurels by the way: as warned Netflix In the description of the video itself, the documentary will only be available for free on YouTube until next September 30. After that, therefore, you will have to go back to the streaming platform (upon payment) to see it. You are warned.

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