NVIDIA Releases New Studio Driver Optimized for 3ds Max Chaos V-Ray 6

Just yesterday NVIDIA confirmed the release of a new Studio Driver. As our regular readers will know, these controllers are aimed at professionals in the world of design, editing, modeling, rendering and content creation, and we can switch between them and the Game Ready ones through a simple click thanks to the GeForce platform. Experience.

The new Studio Driver released by NVIDIA are optimized to work with the new Chaos V-Ray 6 rendering software for 3ds Max. The green giant has confirmed that it is possible to double the rendering speed thanks to the noise suppressor powered by artificial intelligence, because it is capable of taking advantage of the architecture of the GeForce RTX graphics cards, which have dedicated hardware to accelerate ray tracing and AI (RT nuclei and tensor nuclei). We can also access all important news that we can consult through this link.

To illustrate the improvements that we can achieve thanks to these new NVIDIA Studio drivers, and the technologies that the GeForce RTX 20 series and 30 series incorporate, the company has shared the work of the artist Brian Lai called “Afternoon Coffee and Waffle”, simple but at the same time tremendously complex due to its richness in details. In the first image we can see how the image looks before applying accelerated key effects through the dedicated hardware of the GeForce RTX graphics cards, and in the second image we have the final result with said effects.

Studio Controller

The transformation is just incredible, and the degree of realism is so something that we could almost say that we are facing a photograph, and not before a render. All GeForce RTX 20 and RTX 30 series graphics cards, including the cheaper models (RTX 2060 and RTX 3050), feature dedicated hardware to accelerate ray tracing and artificial intelligence, and are fully supported in the GeForce Studio Driver. NVIDIA.

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