Offer! The Mac mini M1 at the best price

With the arrival of the M1 chip, one of the most benefited devices has undoubtedly been the Mac mini, which has risen from the ashes to offer all users a really interesting alternative in every way. Well, with this offer that we tell you about Amazon, surely all those who were considering the purchase rub their hands and save a good amount of money.

The Mac mini at a tempting price

As we were saying, the Mac mini has been completely renewed thanks to the inclusion of the M1 chip. Although aesthetically there has not been a change, the truth is that the important thing is inside, which is really what makes the difference in this regard with the models that have the Intel chip. This range of Macs is the one that Apple has always aimed at all users who want to get started in the world of Apple computers, therefore, its price has been much lower than the rest of the alternatives. This has not changed, but in addition, right now you can find a really tempting offer with which your next Mac mini will cost you much less. Below are the available discounts.

  • Mac mini with 256 GB of storage: 80 euros discount.
  • Mac mini with 512 GB of storage: 130 euros discount.

As you have seen, the discount is quite important, so it seems like a fantastic opportunity to renew your computeror simply to enter the Mac world for the first time. In addition, you have to know that the model that has this discount is the one that has 8 GB of RAM and, obviously, the Apple M1 chip, specifications that will give you all the power needed by a user who makes moderate use of his computer.

Is it really worth it?

This will be the question that many users will ask themselves when deciding whether or not to purchase this device. The truth is that the Mac mini is possibly one of the teams that has the best quality / price ratio of all that Apple sells in its store. Its features with the inclusion of the M1 chip have been completely enhanced, to the point that it is completely suitable for many professionals to work with it on a daily basis without any problem.

Specifically, this model that has 8GB RAM It is designed for all those users who are going to make moderate use of the device. It has enough capacity to carry out daily tasks and, of course, also to demand the most of it at specific times. However, if you want a computer to edit heavy videos continuously, for example, our recommendation is that you go for a device that has at least more RAM.

Of course, something you have to keep in mind is that the Mac mini no built-in peripherals, that is, the only thing you are buying is the computer tower. To be able to use it you will have to purchase a separate keyboard, mouse or trackpad and a screen, that is, you will have to purchase the necessary accessories to turn the Mac mini into a complete computer. However, you can also use those that you previously have at home.

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