Offer when buying Windows and Office licenses at Cdkeysales

If you are interested in buying fully legal Windows licenses at a really low price, you are in luck. Today you can buy very cheap Windows and Office licenses on the official website of cdkeysales where we can enjoy discounts of up to 90% compared to the usual price in the official Microsoft store. Thanks to these discounts, we will be able to buy a Windows 10 Pro license for less than 14 euros, and remember that we have a free upgrade to Windows 11 Pro because it is a completely legal license. Do you want to know all the offers we have available?

Offers on Windows and Office

It is very important that you use the discount coupon “RD35” to have up to an additional 35% discount compared to the normal price that is set on the web.

If you want to buy an Office license, we have offers for all versions of Office and you can get up to 35% discount using the RD35 coupon. Next, you have all the final prices:

At Cdkeysales we also have Windows 10 pro license packs and two versions of Office, perfect for saving even more money. You have the details here:

Now that you know all the offers that are available on this website, we are going to show you the very simple process of buying a license and activating Windows 10 Pro.

License purchase and activation process

The purchase process on the Cdkeysales website is very easy. The first thing you should do is access the web and register with an email, then you will have to activate the account by clicking on the link that you will receive by email. Once this is done, you will have to enter any of the links that we have given you previously, and you must click on the “BUY NOW” or “BUY” button that we have on the web, as you can see here:

If we click on the shopping cart, you will see in the section “Order confirmation» that we have the possibility of introducing the «Promotion Code«. This is where you must enter the code «RD35» so that it is applied correctly and we have the best possible price when buying these licenses.

Once we have made the payment by PayPal, we will go directly to our user profile and click on “My shopping«. In this menu we can see the license purchased with its corresponding license code, we can also see the time of purchase.

With this license code that we have purchased, we have to go to the «Configuration / Update and security«, click on the left menu of «Activation«, and once we are in this menu we must click on the hyperlink so that the license activation wizard appears and proceed to activate the operating system through the Internet.

As you can see, both the purchase process and the activation of the operating system with the purchased license is really simple, it is not difficult to carry out this entire process and save a lot of money compared to buying it on the official Microsoft website. .

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