Offers in charging bases for your iPhone: see what prices

Wireless charging, the most recommended

Although the original charging is still conceived through a simple cable, wireless charging is gaining a lot of ground. With a power that does not exceed 7W, This is a charge that offers above all comfort since placing the iPhone on the charging surface begins to recharge. You will forget at all times to go looking for the cables or have them on the table bothering you. In addition, these bases can usually also recharge more devices in addition to the iPhone such as the Apple Watch or the AirPods. This makes loading multiple teams in the ecosystem much more convenient.

In the market you can find many charging bases that are really interesting. One of them is that of the Hoidokly brand that offers three different supports to carry out the load. In particular there are two well differentiated parts that can be separated. One of them for the iPhone and another for the Apple Watch and AirPods. It is compatible with all devices, regardless of the generation you have. Obviously, in order to offer an adequate charge for the three devices, it is necessary to have a charger with adequate power. This charging base right now has a discount of around 20%.


In case you are looking for something of great quality and with an excellent design, Belkin is the brand that is made for you. It has a charging base for the iPhone and Apple Watch that has received approval from Apple for marketing. This means that full compatibility with Apple products is guaranteed which offers greater compatibility. The advantage of this is that it is not necessary to bring your Apple Watch charger, since it will be included in the corresponding charging base. This base that has a price of 100 euros, right now has a 32% discount.

Official Apple Charging Base

In the event that you have an iPhone 12 in any of its versions, you should know that you have an official Apple charging base. This has the mission of making a charge as efficient as possible by taking advantage of the magnets on the back of the iPhone to make the coils align perfectly. This makes for an efficient charge and prevents excessive heat generation.

Imitation MagSafe

Right now this charging base has an official price of 45 euros and can only recharge one iPhone at a time. Although it is true that it can also be used as a conventional charging base to charge an Apple Watch or another accessory that is compatible with the Qi charging standard. On Amazon it can be found with an offer of 13 euros, remaining at 32 euros.

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