OLED technology would reach MacBooks in 2024

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Many times we have heard rumors about the possibility of seeing OLED technology in Apple devices. Well, it seems that these rumors are closing in on reality. Although they are still rumors, because what is being suggested now is that the arrival is imminent. Of course, time is different for Apple than for a user. According to rumors, launched by one of the most reliable analysts, it will be next year, 2024, when Apple will implement the technology. OLED on MacBooks.

When we speak and echo rumors, we have to keep in mind who is launching them, to give them reliability or not. In this case, the new rumor is released by Kuo, so we have to give sufficient credibility, since it has demonstrated over time the ability to succeed in which it moves. Well, according to this analyst, OLED technology could reach MacBooks in the 2024. Nothing remains.

The use of this technology in MacBooks and in general in any device is that it would become thinner and thinner compared to their current mini-LED counterparts. But not only that. It could become the first MacBook that brings huge benefits to the company, benefits that can break all-time records, because Apple is expected to use its own screens and not rely on external suppliers for it.

In an effort because the company wants to be self-sufficient, it would be drawing up a plan not to depend on third parties when using this LED technology in its devices. That does not mean breaking relations, not. It would be something similar to what is happening with the move from Intel to Apple Silicon.

only one year left ahead to see if expectations are met.

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