On August 28, new challenge of the national parks for the Apple Watch

Challenge natural parks

The national parks challenge for Apple Watch users would be ready to be launched on August 28, in this case Saturday. It involves completing a walk, walking, wheelchair or running for at least one mile which is approximately 1.6 km. The first activity challenges related to the national parks Apple asked for three miles, but in the last challenges it was lowered to only one mile. This does not mean that you stay in this kilometer and a half, you can keep walking or running more …

It is clear that doing physical exercise of any kind is good and Apple has been clear about this for a long time, so this type of challenges make users who do not usually do physical activity on a regular basis, even if it is to get the medal, the stickers to send in messages and one more award in your Apple Watch collection.

Challenge natural parks

We can say that in this case the challenge has to be registered in the same way as we do with the rest of the challenges, through the Apple Watch with the training application or any other that records the activity on our iPhone. There is no doubt that it is the best way to encourage us to move and that many users have become hooked on physical activity thanks to these challenges.

At the moment the new challenge of the national parks is not available or visible on Apple smart watches but it is a matter of hours before it ends up appearing, so reserve a spot next Saturday, August 28, to take a walk, walk or run of at least 1.6 km to add this medal to your locker.

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