On TikTok, fake news is spreading more and more because of AI

Conspiracy theories are king on TikTok. This is revealed by a new study by NewsGuard, which has determined that this type of content has accumulated no less than 57 million views. Recently, a new trend is even taking shape: the generation of fake content from artificial intelligence.

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TikTok fascinates as much as it worries. The Chinese social network is regularly at the heart of new controversy, often because of the dangerous challenges it hosts or its still very vague use of its users’ personal data. Today, a new dark side of the application is highlighted by a recent report from NewsGuard.

In the latter, we learn in particular that content based on fake news and other conspiracy theories has accumulated more than 57 million times. Among the most popular, major brands are regularly cited, between Barilla which is accused of producing this pasta from insect flour – which it has regularly defended – or Balenciaga which would promote Satanism.

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TikTok, the new reference social network for conspirators

“We noticed that the social network immediately offers heavy keywords when a user types in the name of a brand”, notes Chine Labbe, editor-in-chief of NewsGuard. ” For example, by writing Balenciaga in the search bar, we are immediately offered the term satanic”. A phenomenon that we were able to see for ourselves by going to the application.

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If the trend is not new, especially on social networks in general, Newsguard still highlights an increasingly important part of AI in the process of creating videos. Of the 73 videos analyzed by NewsGuard, 7 contain AI-generated content.“Without the AI, we already had homemade campaigns, based on Photoshop montages, which spread very easily. From now on, it is possible to make speak of false people or to publish more than credible photos, it is very worrying ”.

Source : Le Figaro

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