Opera One, this is the new browser that wants to end Chrome and Firefox

Chrome dominates the browser market with a share close to 70%, however, it is not the only browser on the market. Windows natively includes Edge, a Chromium-based browser that has nothing to send to Chrome and, for many users, is much more complete than Google’s solution. Firefox, focused on privacy, is another option to which we also have to add Opera, a browser that, during the 90s, dominated the market.

The Opera browser is the fourth most used browser in the world, behind Firefox, one of the few browsers that, in recent years, has been adding interesting functions to become a set of applications integrated into the browser that are still without be enough for users to bet on it. Opera’s latest movement is found in Opera One.

Opera One, an AI-based browser

Opera One is the new Opera, a browser that will replace the traditional Opera as we know it today and that, as expected seeing the evolution of the implementation of Artificial IntelligenceHe is one of its main attractions. According to the company, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the browser will automatically adapt to the user’s needs, improving the browsing experience.

Opera One

Despite the name change, the new Opera One is still based on Chromium, so it is compatible with each and every extension available for Chrome. Includes a new feature called Tab Island for manage in a much more efficient way all the tabs that are open to optimize the consumption of device resources, one of the main problems that have traditionally always been present in Chrome.

The Tab Island function shows a scheme of all the tabs that we have open and their distribution to improve management and accessibility using color codes and offering the possibility of expanding or collapsing groups of tabs, a function that is also found in Chrome and Edge through of the Group tabs function.

With the launch of this new version, still in beta phase, the company has taken the opportunity to remove some features that were rarely used by users in order to offer a cleaner user interface and slow to add new features in the future, functions based on Artificial Intelligence.

Opera One

The first design change is found in the upper bar, a bar where the name of the browser is not shown and where all the tabs that we have open are shown, and an address bar that occupies the entire width of the upper part, eliminating the icons of navigation that have moved to other locations.

Opera One is currently in beta phase, although we can already download it directly from its website by clicking on the following link and then on download nowlocated in the upper right.

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