Optical fiber will soon be more accessible, Linky is the victim of a new scam, the recap

Subscribing to a fiber subscription will soon become even easier with the four French operators, some Linky subscribers fell into a scam that cost them 6000 euros, Xiaomi is finally starting the deployment of Android 13, this is the recap.

optical fiber

Orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free have agreed to facilitate subscription for a fiber subscription. Several users of the Linky meter have reported having received a visit from fake Enedis technicians. Finally, Xiaomi is finally updating some of its smartphones and tablets to Android 13. Come on, let’s go for the recap of the day on Friday, November 25, 2022.

Switching to fiber will become even easier

As of next year, the reference of the terminal port will be indicated directly on the invoice or, failing that, on the user’s customer area. Taking out a fiber subscription will therefore become even easier for the four French operators, who have all agreed to facilitate the registration procedure. For all those who have already subscribed to a fiber offer, this will also be available on the invoice, so you will no longer have to look for it on the box.

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A scam affects users of Linky counters

Some Linky meter users recently had the bad surprise of receiving a visit from fake Enedis technicians. The latter are actually scammers who go to their victims to convince them to modify their box to save money. The problem is that these changes are not free, and are charged up to 6000 euros.

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Android 13 is coming to several Xiaomi smartphones and tablets

While some competitors have already updated some of their smartphones to Android 13, it’s now up to Xiaomi to take the plunge. In a few weeks, many devices from the Chinese manufacturer will therefore receive the new version, including many models sold in Europe. You can obviously find the complete list of devices that will be updated by clicking on the link below.

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