Other news of the day: Clippy stolen from Microsoft, Cortana’s revenge, Windows 11 equation and more

Clippy has been registered (and not by Microsoft)

The Office XP wizard is well known to users of Microsoft products. Long before Cortana, the paperclip, the dog, the sage, and the ball were helping us while we used the programs in the company’s office suite. In just 4 years they managed to gain a place in our hearts, but Microsoft forgot about them, at least within the suite.

Clippy is much more than a memory, it is an icon within Microsoft. Lately we were seeing how the company itself was making jokes with its assistant. However, this may be over very soon. A new patent, outside Microsoft, has registered the image and all the rights of this personal assistant. This patent, which we can see here, was accepted 3 days ago without anyone noticing it. The person who registered it (presumably a patent troll) has absolutely reserved all the rights to use and exploit the image of this character.

Could it be the end of the Clippy? Hopefully not.

Cortana’s Come During Windows 11 Presentation

The Windows 10 personal assistant has not had a leading role in the presentation of Windows 11. We cannot deny that Cortana has less and less presence within the system, and that it has not ended up convincing users. For this reason, it is even probable that, sooner or later, Microsoft will end up finishing with the wizard, or turning it into an optional function that no one will install.

This Cortana did not like. And the assistant decided to take revenge in the middle of the presentation of the new operating system. If we were following the event through the Microsoft website, surely there came a time when we came across this image:

Obviously the problem is that the servers could not cope with the large number of users who were following the event at the same time. But doesn’t the upload logo look like that of Microsoft’s assistant? Curious, and suspicious.

Solve the mystery of Windows 11

Where does Windows 11 11 come from? Many of us might think that it is the number that follows Windows 10. However, Microsoft has wanted to take the calculation of the name to the extreme. To do this, he has proposed (and solved) an equation that shows us, step by step, how he has managed to arrive at this number.

No one in their right mind would have come to that conclusion. But we cannot deny that the accounts come out, and they are right.

Program updates

In addition, there are several developers who have taken advantage of the presentation of the operating system to release updates to their programs. If you like stars, you have an unavoidable date with the new Stellarium 0.21.1. This program, which we can download here, has taken advantage of this new version to update many of its plugins, as well as to improve the engine and update the stars and constellations database.

Also, ebook users can update Caliber to version 5.22. This new version, available at this link, improves various aspects of the ebook viewer, in addition to the list of books. It also fixes several problems in the ebook viewer itself and in the conversion functions between formats.

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