Out of space on your PC? Take advantage of these offers on 1 TB SATA 3 SSD

With the size of HD video and games today, it is no wonder the run out of space enough on the PC to be able to continue installing things, so it is not uncommon to have an SSD with a SATA 3 interface (since they are cheaper) as extra storage. If this is your case, in this article we have compiled the best Deals on 1TB SATA 3 SSD capacity with discounts of up to 50% so you can save good money.

Crucial MX500 1TB

This is possibly the best-selling SSD not only from the manufacturer, but from the entire market. It has been on the market for many years and is still there because it represents one of the best options on the market in terms of performance, durability and price. The Crucial MX500 1TB is now available at an 11% discount from its regular price, and is a high-capacity SSD that offers speeds of up to 560MB / s read and 510MB / s write, so which is excellent for any type of task you need to do with it.

In addition, it is an SSD that supports AES 256-bit encryption throughout the unit, has extensive durability and has a mechanism that prevents data loss in case of power failure, so it is also one of the most reliable in the world. market.

Samsung 870 QVO 1 TB


This Samsung SSD is on sale at a 17% discount on its 1TB variant, and promises to offer speeds of up to 560MB / s read and 530MB / s write, so it’s still an excellent drive. both for use as mass storage and for intensive use. In addition, its slim format makes it ideal also for laptops that support the installation of 2.5-inch storage units with SATA 3 interface.

SanDisk SSD Plus SATA III 1 TB

SanDisk SSD Plus SATA 3

This 1TB SSD from SanDisk is now on sale at a 7% discount, which is not much but still further reduces the price of what is generally the cheapest reputable manufacturer SSD on the market. In this case, the unit offers theoretical speeds of up to 535 MB / s of reading and 450 MB / s of writing, less than the previous two but also more than enough to accelerate the load in any type of use that you need to give it.

Kingston A400 960 GB

Kingston A400

Interestingly, the biggest offer today is found in an SSD that is not exactly 1 TB capacity but 960 GB. The Kingston A400 is now 50% off, and will allow us to access a high capacity and performance SSD for a really low price. This unit offers read speeds of up to 500 MB / s and up to 450 MB / s write, so it is the slowest of all the ones we have shown you today but it is also the cheapest thanks to that incredible discount that it carries in the today.

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