OVHcloud negotiates the purchase of hyperconverged infrastructure company Gridscale

OVHcloud is negotiating the purchase of the company Gridscale hyperconverged infrastructure specialist. This company, based in Germany, also has activities in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. It is unknown how much OVHcloud will pay for it, but it is known what it wants it for: to improve edge computing. But it will also help the company with its plans to open several cloud regions until 2026.

If all goes according to plan, the purchase of Gridscale will close in the early stages of 2024, and in 2023 it will have no fiscal impact. Gridscale offers multi-tenant infrastructure as a service as well as platform as a service solutions. It bases its business model on its ability to offer public cloud services in a limited infrastructure.

When the purchase closes, both Gridscale employees and its management team will become part of the OVHcloud workforce. Its edge computing products will be integrated with OVHcloud products, so the company’s existing customers will continue to be served.

Michael Paulin, CEO of OVHlcoudhas indicated that in the company they are «impressed with the solutions developed by the Gridscale teams, which we will be happy to integrate into OVHcloud. Our solutions and Know-how are highly compatible and highly complementary. Combining our different technologies will allow us to accelerate our deployment of edge computing solutions, as well as our geographic expansion, while optimizing our capital allocation«.

For his part, Henrik Hasenkamp, ​​CEO and founder of Gridscalestresses that «Joining OVHcloud is a great opportunity for Gridscale. Their know-how and global footprint will allow us to deploy and enrich our products, at scale, quickly, and in line with our shared values. We look forward, together with the entire team, to working with the OVHcloud teams, as well as the reinforcement of our ambitions thanks to this trajectory that we now have in common«.

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