Panini launches its first NFT collection dedicated to Football

Panini France offers its first collection of NFT stickers dedicated to collectors.

While the publishing house has just celebrated its 60th birthday, it was essential to find through these “2.0” vignettes the essence of what makes the Panini collections so successful: the excitement of opening your pocket, the emotion to find the players of his favorite team, and the emulation of being able to obtain the rarest stickers… This first NFT collection dedicated to French football brings together all these aspects!

NFTs are unique digital creations that have grown considerably in recent months. They offer a whole new way of collecting and an unprecedented opportunity to enter the Panini universe: more modern, more instantaneous, more connected and just as exciting! These NFT stickers – 420 in total – are registered in the publisher’s own blockchain. This is the essential guarantee to ensure the authenticity, traceability and uniqueness of our labels!

For the French football part, Panini offers $5 pockets each containing 7 different cards, some of which have more or less value, rarity.

These cards can then be traded on the site’s dedicated marketplace, like any NFT, if you’re used to it. Panini has implemented several indicators (rating, number of current sales, average price, etc.) that will allow you to sell or buy at the best prices.

Unlike Sorare, there is no associated game here, only the spirit of collection that we already have with the stickers and paper albums. Will collectors be ready to take the step towards everything dematerialized?

Already well implemented in the United States, the Panini NFT collections are enjoying resounding success across the country’s most popular sports: NBA, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, UFC… It is this expertise in the field that today allows Panini France to open this new page. Today, the kick-off is given with French football… and this is only a first step according to the publisher!

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