PDF Isn’t Perfect: 5 Things You Can’t Do With It

The PDF format became a standard on the Internet more than a decade ago to share documents of all kinds, from contracts to certificates, passing through documents of all kinds, since it mainly allows texts, images, web links and forms to be included. Nevertheless, the PDF format is not perfectsince it offers us a series of limitations that sometimes do not make it the best format for sharing information.

However, it is the best option when it comes to sharing documents since it is natively compatible with all mobile and desktop operating systems, so it is not necessary to use a third-party application to access its content.

Can’t be easily edited

The reason why companies, public organizations and individuals in general use the PDF format to share documents is that it cannot be easily edited. When I talk about editing, I mean edit the content of a PDFsince, to sign this type of document, we can use any native tool.

By not being edited without the proper tools, the creators ensure that the text will not suffer any unauthorized modification, something of the utmost importance when it comes to contracts between companies and individuals and with certificates from public bodies.

Edit PDF is not free

Editing the text that is included inside a PDF file is not free. While everyone can create PDF files of any type from practically any operating system without any limitations, when it comes to editing its content, things change a lot.

To edit the text or images included in a PDF file we need professional tools, tools that they are not free and that, sometimes, force the user to pay a monthly subscription. If you are looking for a tool to edit a PDF in Windows, you can use applications like Adobe Acrobat DC or PDFelement.

hard to read

PDF files are a graphic representation of a document as if it were an image. On mobile devices it is not easy to easily read its content without enlarging and reducing the document, since the text does not fit the screen as it happens with text documents.

If, in addition, other formats are used, such as A3, for example, easily accessing the entire content of a document in this format, even on a computer, forces the user to play with the mouse to scroll and enlarge/reduce areas of the document .

Content cannot always be copied

In most cases, we are going to find two types of PDF files: Scanned documents and native documents. Scanned documents are nothing more than a photograph of a document that has been converted to PDF format and where we cannot interact with the text or images.

Native PDF documents are documents that have been created on a computer using a text editing application or from an application. This type of document takes up much less space than scanned PDF files and also allows us to interact with the text to copy it to other applications.

Sometimes though, the creator of the document may limit that feature in the file properties and prohibit the ability to select and copy the text of the document to other applications.

Does not allow teamwork

While tools such as Office, Google Docs or iWork allow several people to work collaboratively in the same documentwith the PDF format it is impossible, so it is not an ideal format for online collaboration.

This is because the PDF format is a graphic representation of a document, a document that is created from another application. The PDF format is not used to create documents, but rather to share the document once it is created.

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