Look: Android games are coming to Windows, Teams is more customizable, and more

For a long time there has been talk of the gradual integration between the Windows and Android operating systems. Of course this is something that directly affects the applications we use on these platforms. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of running the programs of the mobile platform on our desktops based on the Microsoft system. Now we want to focus on a constantly growing sector such as games.

Soon you will be able to play Android games on Windows

And is that the search giant launch Google Play Games on Windows 10 and Windows 11 next year 2022. As you can imagine this is something that will allow us to play with the Android games on a Windows PC. This is a project in which Google is working to bring mobile players to other platforms such as Windows computers.

From what they have hinted at at first, one might think that this will translate into a desktop client that allows us to browse the Google Play Store. Of course, all of this is going to focus on downloading and buying Android games. In addition, we must bear in mind that this will not only be limited to Windows 11, since Google Play Games will also work and be compatible with Windows 10.

You can now customize Microsoft Teams to your liking

On the other hand, we find a project that does not stop growing especially in recent months, we refer to Microsoft Teams. In fact, in this case we want to focus on the customization functions that the platform allows us to communicate with other users. Whether conducting a video conference or via chat, we have the opportunity to tailor the personal communication window to our needs.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 Chat

When it comes to customizing these types of elements, one of the most common changes is to set another background. However, in the Teams web version To date, we could only establish a wallpaper from those proposed by the platform itself. At this time Microsoft has expanded our possibilities and now we can set custom backgrounds through our own images.

Important software updates of the week

The different software developers whose projects we use daily keep updating their programs. It is for all this reason that below we are going to talk about the most recent updates that have been made available to us in recent days.

  • WinRAR 6.10 Beta 3– One of the world’s leading file compressors just received this upgrade in the form of a new grant with a multitude of corrections recent errors detected.
  • Rainmeter when it comes to customizing the appearance of Windows this is one of the best solutions. The new update fixes bugs in certain program plugins.
  • Internet Download Manager 6.40: here we find a software focused on downloading content from the internet that has just been updated. The download engine has been improved in addition to fixing certain failures recently detected.
  • Camtasia 2021.0.15: if what we need is to capture on video everything that we carry out on the PC screen, this is our program. Update fixes performance issues that caused the application to shut down suddenly.

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