Pentiment could stop being exclusive to Xbox, where would it go?

And it is that It can’t be that an Obsidian Entertainment game is bad. It could happen, but for now if the North American studio has been known for anything, it is for creating authentic masterpieces: Star Wars Kings of the Old Republic II, The Outer Worlds, Fallout New Vegas, Neverwinters Nights 2, Pillars of Eternity and a long etcetera of examples.

One last success beyond Xbox

Although the study is immersed in the development of The Outer Worlds 2 and of Avowed, its members found a space to create Pentiment, a strange creature that looks like a flamingo painting that exudes humor and very good ideas from every one of its pores, and that arrived last November 2022 as an exclusive from Microsoft Game Studios to Xbox Game Pass. And there you have it for both consoles and PC.

As we tell you, Word of mouth was decisive for users to overcome their misgivings that was imposing due to that graphic aspect, more similar to the beginning of a Monty Python movie than anything else, but that hides a development as fun as it is original that now, according to its creators, could no longer be exclusive to Xbox and PC. Where do you think it could go?

Indeed, Of all the remaining candidates, Nintendo Switch would be the target from Obsidian since its creation is not one of the most demanding – technically – that we can face. Pentiment It is a light game, with a practically 2D graphic base and that would not give too many headaches carry for the Japanese hybrid console.

It was Josh Sawyer, responsible for Pentiment the one who has given voice to that possibility: «I think it is possible […] Because of the Steam Deck, many people immediately ask: ‘could it be on Switch?’. I think there is nothing that prevents it from being on Switch. I would like it to be on as many platforms as possible, but time will tell.

Surviving unfounded criticism

Switch seems the most likely destination for Pentiment every time Microsoft has already brought exclusives to the Nintendo machine. Ori either cuphead They are two clear examples of releases that were born only for Xbox and PC and that you now have in your hands gamers from other latitudes. So it is very likely that we will soon have news of the arrival of this development to the Japanese eShop.

And it has merit, because There is no game in which they have put so much effort hate as Pentimentwhich had to endure a campaign of review bombing inexplicable that he managed to overcome when the majority of players tried it and saw that behind that strange graphic aspect there was much more. And very funny.

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